VeriSign, Inc. is the world’s leading SSL Certificate Authority, securing nearly 500,000 Web servers. Its customers include 93 percent of the Fortune 500, the top U.S. banks, and 47 of the 50 largest e-commerce sites. The rigorous VeriSign authentication and security practices over the last ten years have helped establish the VeriSign Secured Seal as the #1 mark of trust on the Internet.

VeriSign® Anti-Phishing Solution provides the most comprehensive security programs to minimize impacts from phishing attempts. It combines prevention, detection, and fast response via a customized program that meets each organization’s security needs. VeriSign offers the benefits of security research intelligence, unique threat data available only to VeriSign and its customers, and around-the-clock support from online fraud experts. VeriSign uses its extensive monitoring and scanning capabilities to search for brand infringement, traffic-diversion tactics, and unwanted brand association with objectionable content. Brand monitoring lets companies know where their logos and content are used, or products distributed, without authorization. Our Phishing Response Service leverages extensive experience in Internet fraud services as well as a global network of contacts in the legal, government, and ISP communities to identify sources of phishing attacks and quickly shut down Web sites and accounts.

With a worldwide customer base and more than 4000 network-security devices under management, VeriSign views Internet activity with width and depth to comprehensively protect customers from emerging threats.
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