session slides and videos for eCrime 2022

APWG eCrime is pleased and honored to post the video segments below of our presenters to the eCrime 2022 symposium held on November 31-December 2, 2022. The presentations of researchers whose papers were submitted for peer review and accepted by the APWG eCrime symposium program committee are marked ‘eCrime Submission’ in prefix to the paper title

Wednesday, November 31


Dr. Guy-Vincent Jourdan, University of Ottawa, General Chair & Dr. Laurin Weissinger, Yale University, Program Chair

APWG eCrime 2022 Research Keynote

Joshua Corman, VP, Cyber Safety Strategy, Founder/I Am the Cavalry, Former Chief Strategist, CISA COVID Task Force Research

That’s Not Phishing: Countering Emerging Threats in Social Engineering

Adam Oest, Manager, Advanced Threats Group, PayPal

eCrime Submission: A THREAT / crawl: a Trainable, Highly-Reusable, and Extensible Automated Method and Tool to Crawl Criminal Underground Forums

Michele Campobasso (Eindhoven University of Technology), Luca Allodi (Eindhoven University of Technology)

Using Computer Vision to Detect Brand Phishing eMails at Scale

Ken Simpson, CEO, MailChannels

eCrime Submission: The Challenges of Blockchain-Based Naming Systems for Malware Defenders

Audrey Randall (UC San Diego), Wes Hardaker (USC/ISI), Aaron Schulman (UC San Diego), Stefan Savage (University of California, San Diego), Geoffrey M. Voelker (UC San Diego)

Thursday, December 1


CipherTrace/MasterCard EVP Dave Jevans

eCrime Submission: Money Over Morals: A Business Analysis of Conti Ransomware

Ian W. Gray (New York University), Jack Cable, Vlad Cuiujuclu (Flashpoint), Benjamin Brown (University of Michigan), Damon McCoy (New York University)

Cloudifying Ransom Wars: Combating Ransomware Attacks on Cloud Databases

Aditya K Sood, Sr. Director Threat Research and Security Strategy, Office of the CTO, F5

eCrime Submission: Rationalising the ransom demands of cyber criminals: An analysis of ransomware investigation reports

Tom Meurs (University of Twente), Marianne Junger (University of Twente), Erik Tews (University of Twente), Abhishta Abhishta (University of Twente)

The Need for Clarity, Accuracy and Rigor When Reporting Cybercrime Statistics: How DNS and Other Abuse Statistics Can Mislead in the Absence of Conventions for Categorizing Cyber Events

Dave Piscitello, APWG Director, InterIsle Consulting Principal

eCrime Submission: Cryptocurrency Exchange Closure Revisited (Again)

Tyler Moore (University of Tulsa), Arghya Mukherjee (University of Tulsa)

Friday, December 2

eCrime Submission: don’t really give them peace of mind: User Perceptions of Social Engineering Attacks

Lin Kyi (Carleton University), Elizabeth Stobert (Carleton University)

eCrime Submission: The Role of Extraversion in Phishing Victimisation: A Systematic Literature Review

Pablo LÃ pez-Aguilar (APWG.EU & Universitat Rovira i Virgili), Agusti Solanas (Universitat Rovira i Virgili & APWG.EU), Constantinos Patsakis (University of Piraeus)

Ten Years and Dozens of National Deployments: Refreshing and Relaunching the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. Campaign In Its Second Decade

Aimee Larsen-Kirkpatrick, President, STOP. THINK. CONNECT. Messaging Convention, Inc.

PARA. PIENSA. CONÃCTATE. | Argentina: The national deployment of the cybersecurity awareness campaign at federal and provincial levels in Argentina

Pedro Janices, Director of Cybercrime Investigations Ministerio de Seguridad de la República Argentina

eCrime Submission: Invest in crypto: An analysis of investment scam advertisements found in Bitcointalk

Gilberto Atondo Siu (University of Cambridge), Alice Hutchings (University of Cambridge) Marie Vasek (University College London), Tyler Moore (The University of Tulsa)

eCrime Submission: Exploring Social Network of Trust Across Major Crime Types in an Underground Forum

Dalyapraz Manatova (Indiana University Bloomington) Dewesha Sharma (Indiana University Bloomington) Sagar Samtani (Indiana University) L. Jean Camp (Indiana University)

eCrime Submission: Leaky Kits: The Increased Risk of Data Exposure from Phishing Kits

Bhaskar Tejaswi (Concordia University) Nayanamana Samarasinghe (Concordia University) Sajjad Pourali (Concordia University) Mohammad Mannan (Concordia University) Amr Youssef (Concordia University)