Technical Whitepapers and Briefings from APWG Sponsors

Kaspersky Click Here to read Kaspersky's white paper on anti-phishing technology and avoiding getting caught in the phishing net.
DigiCert Click Here to read DigiCert's white paper on Phishing: A Primer on What Phishing is and How It Works. This white paper goes in-depth on phishing and how Identity Vetting and Extended Validation EV SSL Certificatesadd an extra layer of protection.
  Click Here to read DigiCert's white paper on taking steps beyond PCI compliance and the use of end-to-end encryption (including Extended Validation EV SSL certificates) to reduce online fraud.
Cyren Email Gap Analysis
Click Here to read Cyren’s report: “Email Security Gap Analysis: Aggregated Results”
  Osterman Report
Click Here to read Cyren’s report: “IT Security: Office 365 Benchmarking Survey”
  Evasive Phishing Webinar
Click Here to watch Cyren’s webinar: “Evasive Phishing Targeting Office 365”
Cyveillance Click Herefor Cyveillance's paper on "The Cost of Phishing: Understanding the True Cost Dynamics Behind Phishing Attacks"
TrendMicro Click Here for TrendMicros's paper on "Botnet Threats and Solutions: Phishing".
DomainTools Click here to view the DomainTools best practices guide "Getting Started with DomainTools for Cyber Threat Intelligence and Forensics" for an overview of how domain research products can be applied during the course of an investigation to identify or profile the perpetrator, characterize a cyber-attack, and proactively protect your data, infrastructure and intellectual property.
EasySolutions The EasySolutions white paper “Key IT Anti-Fraud Challenges for Banking & Financial Institutions in Latin America” is a reference point for Latin American financial institutions regarding security and fraud prevention in electronic channels such as online, mobile, automatic teller machines (ATMs) and interactive voice response systems (IVRs). (Click Here for Spanish / Click here for English)
  Click here to view this EasySolutions whitepaper that provide a general view of phishing and pharming as electronic fraud techniques and shows how Easy Solutions approaches this problem providing a solution oriented to end-users who want to access transactional and confidential websites safely.
McAfee Click here to download a copy of McAfee's white paper "Anti-Phishing: Best Practices for Institutions and Consumers" in which the authors delineate phishing's many attack surfaces and assess different approaches and solutions to remediate them. 
RSA Click here to download report detailing the findings of the 6th Annual Online Consumer Survey sponsored by RSA, the Security Division of EMC. Learn what your customers are saying about their opinions and attitudes on online security risks they face, their level of awareness concerning the latest threats, and what online service providers should do to protect them.
Vasco Link out to VASCO's Phising website, with information and documents and a range of authentication solutions including EMV smart cards. 
Symantec Click here to view the Symantec white paper, "Mitigating Online Fraud: Customer Confidence, Brand Protection, and Loss Minimization."