Group-IB has been pioneering incident response and cybercrime investigation practices since 2003. This experience and understanding of threat actors’ behaviors have evolved into an intelligence gathering network that now feeds Group-IB Threat Intelligence. Group-IB Threat Intelligence is a solution for analyzing and managing adversaries and threats that could affect your business. Group-IB specialists constantly monitor new threats, including:

  • fraud schemes
  • criminal services
  • hacker groups, and their tools and tactics
  • attempts at targeted attacks
  • leaks and breaches
  • insider threats
  • malware and exploits.

Group-IB clients are the first to receive data on new cyber threats — months before it is released to the media.

Also, Group-IB Brand Protection monitors internet channels 24/7/365, detects infringements, and enforces them. Up to 85% of violations are eliminated on a pre-trial basis. The solution helps prevent monetary and reputational losses caused by brand infringement, online fraud, piracy, and the distribution of counterfeit goods.

Group-IB Brand Protection is an all-in-one solution that monitors digitally exposed assets and efficiently mitigates any external risk to the brand, thereby strengthening customers’ trust in the brand.

We leverage the extensive experience of our experts in incident investigation and response to effectively neutralize fraudulent online activity worldwide. CERT-GIB helps by blocking fraudulent links. The takedown rate in some cases can be as high as 500 per day.

Group-IB offers more than 15 leading cybersecurity training programs for technical specialists (incident response, digital forensics, malware analysis and other topics) and for a wider audience (digital hygiene and personal cybersecurity) both online and offline.The courses are conducted by seasoned experts from the Group-IB Digital Forensics Laboratory. This approach guarantees high quality training and excellent results for our students.

All courses include practical tasks based on Group-IB’s experience in conducting 1,000+ successful investigations around the world. This not only means that students receive the most relevant information from people who have first-hand experience, but also that they can immediately apply their new skills after completing the course.

Group-IB’s Secure Bank/Secure Portal is digital identity protection & online fraud prevention systems designed to provide real-time protection against attacks on online resources on the client’s side. Loaded as a JavaScript module alongside webpages or as a mobile SDK for apps, it collects control data of each visitor, such as device information (what browser is being used, plugins, and other technical parameters) and biometrics (cursor movement, typing cadence, and other user behavior indicators). Using advanced device fingerprinting, clientless malware detection, behavioral, cross-channel, and cross-client analytics, Group-IB Secure Bank/Secure Portal detects and prevents dangerous activities, including:

  • payment fraud, such as card-not-present and web injections;
  • identity theft and account takeover;
  • money laundering;
  • phishing and social engineering attacks;
  • trojans, webfakes, botnets, and other malware.

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