Mapping criminal infrastructures from “patient zero” using Whois

Piscitello At Octopus

Mapping criminal infrastructures from “patient zero” using Whois

APWG Director Dave Piscitello spoke on “Mapping Criminal Infrastructures from ‘Patient Zero’ Using Whois” at the Council of Europe’s Convention on Cybercrime annual OCTOPUS conference in Strasbourg last November.

Mr. Piscitello argued before the plenary at this annual multilateral treaty organization conference that complete Whois records are essential “if first responders and law enforcement are to identify the victims of cybercrime and the criminal perpetrators who menace them.

“BUT… Due to an overly broad interpretation of the EU GDPR, public Whois is now dark.”

Mr. Piscitello concluded on behalf of APWG members and cybercrime responders and investigators the world over, “Data protection regulations must accommodate first responder and law enforcement access to critical information.

Photo credit is Pat Cain (c) 2019