Cryptocurrency Membership

The Crypto Currency Anti-Phishing Working Group (CCAPWG) was founded by APWG.ORG to help cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, investment funds and consumers protect their cryptocurrency assets.

Founded in 2003, the Anti-Phishing Working Group ( and is an industry non-profit organization with over 2,000 member companies and agenices working to fight Internet phishing. Since October 2011 the APWG and its member companies have been tracking phishing and malware attacks against Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Since then phishing for cryptocurrencies has reached an epidemic proportion. Hundreds of millions of dollars of cryptocurrencies are stolen on a regular basis through attacks against consumer investors, as well as targeted BEC-style attacks against the employees at cryptocurrency companies.

The Cryptocurrency Anti-Phishing Working Group enables cryptocurrency exchanges to submit live phishing information to the APWG eCrime Exchange (eCX) and get that data distributed into web browsers, email clients and other security products in real-time, protecting over 100 million consumers. The APWG eCrime Exchange allows cryptocurrency providers to have known phishing URLs, domains, IP addresses, and cryptocurrency addresses get quickly blocked by the majority of Internet security gateways and filters in the world.

Membership in the Cryptocurrency Anti-Phishing Working Group includes access to members-only private data exchanges on the eCX to ease collaborative forensic investigation against common criminal adversaries. There are also security and forensics sessions at the APWG eCrime conferences where cryptocurrency companies can collaborate with the security industry to better protect their customers and employees.

For details on benifits and how to apply for membership see this page.