Accepted Research Papers

eCrime 2015 Accepted Research Papers
Spammer Success through Customization and Randomization of URLs Gary Warner, Dhiraj Rajani and Mike Nagy
Analysis of Content Copyright Infringement in Mobile Application Markets Angelos Stavrou, Ryan Johnson, Nikolaos Kiourtis
George Mason University

Vincent Sritapan
Department of Homeland Security
Beyond the Lock Icon: Real-time Detection of Phishing Websites Using Public Key Certificates Zheng Dong
Indiana University Bloomington

Apu Kapadia
Indiana University

Jim Blythe
USC Information Sciences Institute

L. Jean Camp
Indiana University
Global Adversarial Capability Modeling Jonathan Spring, Sarah Kern and Alec Summers
Carnegie Mellon University
Spare the Rod, Spoil the Network Security? Economic Analysis of Sanctions Online Vaibhav Garg
Drexel University

Jean Camp
Indiana University
Which Malware Lures Work Best? Measurements from a Large Instant Messaging Worm Tyler Moore
Southern Methodist University

Richard Clayton
University of Cambridge
Chasing Shuabang in Apps Stores Sergio de Los Santos, Antonio Guzmán, Chema Alonso
Eleven Paths

Francisco Jesus Gómez
Telefónica Digital