Symposium on Policy Impediments
to Cybercrime Data Exchange

November 5, Holiday Inn – Washington Dulles Airport

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Fall 2015 APWG will host the Symposium on Policy Impediments to Cybercrime Data Exchange at Dulles International Airport on November 5, 2015. The Symposium will engage issues in law, regulation, treaty conventions and industrial interpretations thereof that have introduced impedance to systematic exchange of cybercrime event data. The one-day workshop will delineate known barriers to systematic data exchange, and identify new ones, and seek practical resolution of them in all relevant, authoritative venues.

The Symposium will be a vetted-entry event that would work to focus the process of resolving long-standing impediments to the scaled, routinized exchange of cybercrime event data across all sectors. In addition, APWG will work with Symposium attendees, it’s members and partners to initiate the development of recognized conventions, standards and best practices to make machine event data exchange more routine.

This program will be held, on November 5, in the Holiday Inn – Washington Dulles Airport, Washington, DC.

Please contact Deputy-Secretary General Foy Shiver for details via email at


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