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From time to time the APWG approves requests from researchers, Universities, and NGO’s for access to resources within our eCrime Exchange (eCX) in the interest of encouraging research and participation into cyber-crime and fraud. Accepted programs are granted access into APWG’s eCX data and collaborating resources for projects that provide merit.

To be considered for this program please submit a request to

The overarching questions focus on helping us gain an understanding around how you will be using our data, what your research will produce from the use of our data, and how that will in turn help the APWG.

  • Describe your research project for us. Are there any current publications/abstracts/white papers/etc that we can review to see the direction of your research, and what has been produced so far?
    • Is this work going to be presented, and if so how, where, when. How will the APWG be attributed for giving you access to this data?
    • Are you currently working with other APWG Member organizations?
    • Will there be additional/new data you’ll be being generating off of the eCX data that will be contributed back to the APWG? If so, please describe the nature of the data, and the volume. If not, please help us understand why. The informal code of conduct that users agree to when applying for access into eCX is that data derived from eCX data will be contributed back into the eCX given the core mission of eCX is to provide a community of data sharing.
    • How long is access needed?
    • How much data is needed, either in volume or historical?
    • Is there something else you’d like us to know about what you are working on?

Many times we get researchers applying who are simply curious about what is behind the curtain. If you are simply curious about the nature/layout of the data within we’d be happy to provide a cut of the data output for you instead.

If you have questions about this program or to request a membership grant please contact