Non-Profits on the Loose @ RSA 2017

Come one and all to mingle with counter-cybercrime NGO, industry and government leaders at the American Bookbinders Museum, Tuesday, February 14 from 5PM to 8PM at 355 Clementina Street, San Francisco.

Admission: Attendees must have an RSA® Conference badge or the Non-Profits on the Loose cocktail reception invitation.

Revelers will be able to meet APWG, APWG.EU and STOP. THINK. CONNECT. Messaging Convention directors, trustees, managers, fellows, wonks, data logistics architects and developers.

At once, in one venue, you'll meet  the very technologists, researchers and industrial activists who established these global keystone response programs in data exchange, cybercrime research and unified cybersecurity awareness messaging:

Global Cybercrime Event
Data Exchange
Est. C. 2004
Global Foundation for Cybercrime Technology & Policy Research
Est. C. 2014

Global Cybercrime Conference
for Industrial & Academic Researchers

Est. C. 2006

Globally Unified
Cybersecurity Awareness Messaging
Est. C. 2009

Now in its 7th year, the NPOL event was established by APWG and NCSA to recognize the efforts of the founding NGOs, government agencies and companies that helped establish the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. campaign in 2010.

Every year, NPOL asks all RSA delegates to consider - and act on - the challenges of cybercrime that belong to all stakeholders like those pioneering cybersecurity awareness advocates.

, the FIDO Alliance, the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) welcome you this years NPOL for an unmatched networking opportunity in an eclectic, intriguing setting. 

The Bookbinders Museum? Bookbinders?



Progeny of Gutenberg - just like the Internet. 


Join us at NPOL 2017 to gain insights into the APWG's crucial counter-cybercrime programs. Most importantly,
join the APWG - and be part of the global response to cybercrime today.